Transport.in refers your prospects to your company.

Transport.in is the Indian marketplace for transport services, transport equipment, warehouse equipment and packaging machines. Viewers from all over the country find this website to search for your products or your company. "Transport.in" is the first URL they try when surfing for transport-related information. We receive hundreds of customers today.

Corneliszoon publishes websites in numerous countries, and gives you the opportunity to connect to prospects on different locations, using one backoffice.

You can publish your information not only in India but also in Europe, USA and China. All via one backoffice. Call us for more information: +31 50 7853163.

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To publish your information, you can login to our backoffice. Go to our backoffice login page.


Contact us with your wishes, and we will make you a proposal.

Transport.in offers you different possibilities to publish your information. On the pages of this website, you see different customers being displayed. Please tell us which method you like best. Mail us your wishes, and we will get back to you with a proposal.

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Corneliszoon, publisher of logistics information.

Transport.in is published by Corneliszoon. Founded in 1997, we are the second-largest publisher of logistics information, and our head office is in Groningen, the Netherlands. We have marketplaces in 24 countries — and increasing, around the globe. We offer our clients the possibility to cross-post information in different countries, thus making it possible for our customers to expand geographically in the easiest way possible.

We have 800 respected customers, in all shapes and forms, from companies run by one person to well-known global corporations like Daimler, Volvo Trucks, Iveco, DSSmith.

Join our network, and find out how you can boost traffic to your website and increase your sales!

Vestdijk Lane 234
NL 9721 VV Groningen, Netherlands
P.O. Box 441
NL 9700 AK Groningen, Netherlands
phone +31 50 785 3163
mail info@corneliszoon.com