Attachments make forklifttrucks suitable for a lot of tasks.

forklift attachments

Forklifttrucks can be fitted or retrofitted with many kinds of attachments, like clamps, sideshifts, fork extenders and rotators. Thus making it possible to handle all kinds of loads on or off a truck or trailer.

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Sorting high volumes of packages.

This high capacity sorting machine is a so-called closed-deck sorter, especially suitable for small packages that can be distributed over as many destinations as you want, each destination being a "chute" where the package is sideways pushed off the transport belt.

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Robotizing your warehouse saves labour costs.

This is a palletizer robot. It places trays or boxes on pallets, and saves a lot of manhandling hours. We see this kind of equipment being introduced in many warehouses.

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Contimeta, international specialist in packaging machines.

Contimeta is an international company that sells various packaging materials and packaging equipment, e.g. case erecters, case sealing machines, pallet wrappers, staplers, cord binding machines and shrink wrappers. For sale in India.

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